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Resources for your Employ Me journey

The Employ Me activities are available in either a workbook format, or as card packs. Both options present the same content, covering a range of topics.

There are also information booklets about employment for employees, employers and employment services.

On this page, there are sample Employ Me resources which provide insight into the topics covered in Employ Me.

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Understanding Disclosure

Understanding disclosure can play a big role in how, when and what you want to discuss about yourself – as well as giving yourself the power around what information you want to disclose.

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Finding Employment

Wherever you are along the five stages of finding employment, this booklet can help you prepare, plan, achieve, and maintain your employment goals.

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Talking about brain injury in the workplace

This booklet will assist both employees and employers to understand brain injury, as well as adaptations that can be made in the workplace.

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Workbook 3: Journey to Employment

This workbook is similar to  A Bit About Me, however its focus is on employment and will help you discover employment

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Workbook 2: Discovering your Strengths

Each Discovering your Strengths activity helps you unpack your character strengths - the positive parts of your personality, such as kindness or teamwork, that impact how you think, feel and behave.

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Workbook 1: A bit about me

A Bit About Me assists people with a disability with framing personal information they want to provide to future employers about their interests, experience and disability.

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Card Pack 2: Discovering your Strengths

Each card asks a different question about your character strengths, which are the positive parts of a person’s personality, such as kindness or teamwork, and will help you discover the best parts of who you are and highlight the employable qualities that you have.

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Card Pack 1: A bit about me

Each card asks a different question relating to your life, such as your likes, dislikes hobbies and interests. Each activity is about understanding and discovering interesting facts about who you are.

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Card Pack 3: Journey to Employment

This card pack will help you to discover your employment goals, what jobs you may be interested and can be used as a prompting tool when going through your employment journey.

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